Beijing, October 18, 2015 – On October 18, 2015, Xian Janssen One China OTC’s Medical Education Team held the first Holistic Integrated Medicine (HIM) Forum in Beijing, China. The forum’s stated mission is to reach more physicians, delivering cutting-edge medical knowledge to healthcare providers and helping them to better serve their patients. While the main venue was Beijing, the event was broadcasted live to five other large cities in China via satellite connection, and participants from these cities joined the discussion via Webinar.

Both the hosts and speakers represented well-known Chinese physicians and thought leaders, including Dr. Fan Daiming, Dr. He Bei and Dr. Luo Jinyan. The opening address was delivered by Cesar Rodriguez, president of Xian Janssen. Topics of discussion during the forum drew from theory and actual cases, including differential diagnosis of functional dyspepsia and multidisciplinary treatment of COPD. Throughout the forum, off-site participants were able to engage by asking questions and responding to surveys through WeChat, a popular social media platform.

In line with the trends of modern medicine, physicians in China are increasingly specialized, with very few general practitioners. As a result, patients may be treated as an “organ” instead of viewed as holistic individuals, but many diseases require integrated knowledge of several disciplines to come up with effective treatment solutions.

A discussion on this subject with key opinion leaders led the One China OTC Medical Education Team to design the “Holistic Integrated Medicine” educational program, aimed at helping physicians in China enhance their capacity to diagnose and treat complex diseases in a more holistic and effective way.

The results of the forum were encouraging: more than 2,000 physicians attended the HIM Forum, and a further 8.3 million physicians were reached by the professional media coverage provided by invited medical media outlets, including the China Medical Tribune, and According to surveys conducted both before and after the Forum, the percentage of healthcare providers with an accurate understanding of holistic integrated medicine increased from 45% to 90%, providing better care for an estimated 10 million patients each year.

One China OTC will continue its support of the event, turning the HIM Forum into an annual event that introduces innovative concepts and shares best cases with more and more physicians across China.