2nd Holistic Integrative Medicine Forum held by Xian Janssen and Shanghai Johnson and Johnson in Beijing


October 30, 2016, Beijing——The 2nd Holistic Integrative Medicine Forum, organized by Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. (XJP) and Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (SJJP) was held. Professor Wang Chen, director of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Professor Ke Meiyun from Peking Union Medical College Hospital were participated in the forum as the co-chairs. Professor Fan Daiming, Vice President of the CAE and the Honorary President of HIM branch of the CMDA, was invited as a guest speaker. Mr. Asgar Rangoonwala, President of Xian Janssen and One China OTC, also attended the forum.?

With the alignment at 1st Holistic Integrative Medicine (HIM) Forum conducted in 2015, HIM has gained great attention in the field of medical in China gradually. Followed the establishment of HIM branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) in 2016, a series of medical activities have been carried out with their support, including the establishment of 3 HIM academic organizations and 83 HIM research centers across the country. The national HIM academic conferences have been conducted successfully. Meanwhile, the first domestic HIM magazine, the edition of HIM monographs and educational materials have been compiled. Furthermore, the HIM departments in hospitals have been established across the country. Fan Daiming, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Honorary President of HIM branch of the CMDA stated, "the integration of medicine is the product of the era, which leads us to a new medical system that can provide better treatments for patients.”

The forum focused on the practice and application of HIM in four therapeutic areas (TA) including respirology, gastroenterology, dermatology and psychology. In recent years, the incidence rates for many common clinical diseases have increased. Improving living standards and irregular diets have led to a high incidence of digestive system diseases, and the total amount of gastrointestinal patients increased from 10% to 15% of the entire population. ?Atmospheric pollution is causing greater incidence of respiratory diseases, which have increased from 1.6% of the population (2009) to 3.1% (2013). ?Skin diseases, many of which are difficult to fully cure and many may easily relapse, are also prevalent. And occupational pressures have led to a high incidence of psychosomatic diseases, which currently account for approximately 1/3 of the comprehensive outpatients. ?In response to these changing dynamics, and in an effort to address these challenges, the Forum included keynote speeches regarding these four major disciplines.

Prof. Fan Daiming delivered a keynote speech titled “HIM, a new era for the development of medical disciplines” at the forum. Four top KOLs from 4 disciplines introduced relevant clinical practices and advanced academic works: Hou, Xiaohua (department head of gastroenterology, Wuhan Union Hospital), Wei Jing (department head of psychology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Lai Kefang(department head of clinical trial department, institute of respiratory disease, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University), Liu Weida (department head of dermatology, institute of dermatosis, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) shared the topic of Physical and Mental Treatment of Functional Dyspepsia, MDT Diagnose and Treatment of Cough, and Nosocomial Fungal Infection.

The meeting was conducted simultaneously via webinar and WeChat platform, which connected 9 venues and over 1,000 participants from Beijing, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou and Chengdu.

HIM first originated in China at the beginning of the 19th century, and it began developing in the US and Germany in the 1990s and 2000s, respectively. In 2012, Holistic Integrative Medicine was first introduced in China by Professor Fan Daiming as an advocate of HIM, which looks at people as a comprehensive whole and integrates advanced expertise, knowledge and clinical experience from multiple disciplines. HIM is adjusted based on societal, environmental and psychological factors in an effort to better treat diseases and restore human health.?

With the Second Holistic Integrative Medicine (HIM) Forum, XJP and SJJP remain committed to developing world-leading medical knowledge and practices in China. Mr. Asgar Rangoonwala, President of Xian Janssen and One China OTC, said, “Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical and Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical believe in the vision that a more holistic and integrative approach in medicine will help us solve complex problems and better serve the patients.” Dr. Li Qing, Senior Director of Medical Affairs and Medical Education, Xian Janssen OTC, said, “The company is committed to the practice and application of HIM in China. We are working to further help doctors understand and apply HIM. With the HIM branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association ?and experts, we will continue these efforts by carrying out more online and offline training, promoting more extensive academic exchanges, and promoting cooperation between relevant industry organizations as we work to empower and promote HIM in China.”