Chronic lymphocytic leukemia / Small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL)

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)/ Small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) is defined as a lymphoproliferative disorder, composed by monomorphic round B lymphocytes involving peripheral blood (PB), bone marrow (BM) and lymphoid organs1.
Several of the epidemiological studies aimed at identifying risk factors for CLL/SLL occurrence, but no acquired causative factors leading to CLL development have been identified so far. Genetic alterations, BCR and B cell signaling pathway, cancer microenvironment and Immune deficiency contribute to disease susceptibility. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia has one of the strongest inherited predispositions of haematological malignancies. About 10% of individuals who develop chronic lymphocytic leukemia have a family history of the disease.
Early on there are typically no symptoms. Later non-painful lymph nodes swelling, feeling tired, fever, or weight loss for no clear reason may occur. Enlargement of the spleen and anemia may also occur2. It typically worsens gradually.
International guidelines clearly specify that treatment indication is based on the presence of active disease. Patients with an established diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia should undergo risk stratification1,2. The treatment choice requires a careful evaluation of different factors including: patient fitness status, the genetic profile and the disease status. The treatment of CLL including novel target therapy (e.g. BTK inhibitors, etc), Chemo-immunotherapy, Stem cell transplantation,etc1,2.
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